Middle East / Central Asia
Complete view from Persian Gulf to Kashmir
From Mid-Indian sub-continent to Kazakhstan

Middle east and Central Asia
Complete Territory from Persian Gulf to Kashmir
and from Mid-Indian sub-continent to Kazakhstan
50 East to 80 East, 20 North to 50 North
Includes Afghanistan and parts of
Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kashmir & India
File size: 55 Mb - Dimensions 4,600 x 4,000 pixels (46" x 40" at 100 dpi)
Features JPEG relief map with overlaying EPS Illustrator with
rivers, roads, towns, town names, provincial and national borders.
The relief map has not been screened down and gives a higher contrast effect.

Detail of Pakistan, at 100% size.
The relief map placed behind a multi layered Illustrator EPS vector map.

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